The Most Common Questions About Real Estate

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Gio and Vince take on some of the Internet’s most searched questions about real estate. Hope you Enjoy!

0:15 – Why is real estate called “real”?
0:24 – Realtors are not your friends.
0:27 – Why do Realtors exist?
0:36 – Can Realtors flip houses?
0:42 – How do I choose a real estate agent?
0:53 – What is the best real estate marketing tool?
1:14 – Why do Realtors hate Zillow?
1:42 – Is real estate going down?
1:50 – Can Realtors talk about schools?
2:01 – How much do I pay a real estate agent?
2:12 – Why do Realtors drive nice cars?
2:23 – Can real estate agents have tattoos?
2:33 – How do I know if I’m ready to buy?

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